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cincinnati biker Motorcylce attorney

 If you have been following my motorcycle passion you know that I bought a 2006 Harley Davidson Dyna low rider. It's an awesome motorcycle.  It does not matter to me the manufacturer of the motorcycle you ride (I had a Honda 350 when I was 19) but just that you take every precaution to be a safe biker.

 I turned down a case from a man who was slightly injured when a car turned in front of him at an intersection. Not only was he hardly injured (lucky guy) but he was also riding drunk with a BAC of .14.

Many times I'm asked if the biker accident is one that I will take. But I don't take every case. It would be a rare situation where I would want to represent a biker that had been drinking. That's just plain unsafe and  stupid. Please don't ride or drive drunk for that matter.

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