Motorcyclist Killed Because Car Failed to Yield To James Patton

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Another Ohio  motorcyclist has been killed in Union Township, Ohio. James Patton was riding his Harley on U.S. 50 in Highland County. The Wilmington Ohio State Patrol post stated that Betty Sheldon of Hillsboro failed to yield the right of way to his motorcycle and the deadly crash unsued.


Failure to Yield the Right of Way by Cars All Too Common Cause of Motorcyclists Deaths

This is not the first time that a failure to yield the right of way at an intersction by a motor vehicle to a motorcycle was the cause of a collision, serious injury and death. Another family has now suffered a devasting loss. Nothing can or will ever be the same for the family of James Patton.

The cursory reporting done by the Cincinnati Enquirer as well as other media outlets does not do or say anything to promote safety for motorcycle riders. Is it because we are bikers. Is it because they think less of us. I think in part.

Why else would they make mention of the fact that "Patton was not wearing a helmet." So what. That did not cause the crash and its not likely that it would have saved his life. But yet they mention it gratuitously.

Do they say we will mourn his loss? Who he was? Who is wailing in tears today because ther loved one was killed by negligence?  Mr Patton was killed by a car driver that did not look carefully.

It turns out that James Patton was a father, son, husband, brother and grandfather. Only 52 years old cut down in the prime of his life. At least the local paper reported on who this man was. At least the Times Gazette the local Hillboro paper shed some light on that this was an obvious family man. He loved to ride motorcycles.


Facts of The Motorcycle Car Crash

Lets at least stick to the facts that matter. The car driver stopped at a stop sign heading North on Danville Road. James Patton was travling on U.S. 50. Sheldon, the auto driver,  then pulled out attempting to turn left onto  50. Obviously she pulled right into the path of the oncoming motorcylcist. And his motorcycle impacted the side of her car and he was thrown to his death.

It was broad daylight. The time was approximately 11am.  Yet anothrr brother motorcyclist wrongfully killed. There is not much we can do except educate the public to look twice and please watch for motorcylces. And say a prayer for the family of James Patton.


By Anthony Castelli

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