How to Avoid the 5 Most Deadly Motorcycle Accidents and Live to Ride Another Day

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As a motorcycle accident injury lawyer I see clients with all kinds of injuries that happen in all  manner of motorcycle crashes.In 3/4 of the accidents a car and motorcycle are involved with the  car primarily at fault. I also see motorcyclists that have no one to blame but themselves. If you  can avoid these 5 common types of motorcycle crashes you will have eliminated the major crash  types that kill and maim bikers.

 1 Cars Turning Left in Front of Motorcyclists at Intersections

Although this type of crash is the cagers(car driver's fault) there are some things motorcyclists  can do to protect themselves. After all it's better to avoid a serious crash, even though the crash  was caused by the automobile. So for the car drivers I saw "Look Twice for Motorcycles." The  motorcycle is there to be seen. In these crashes the  auto driver did not look effectively 99.9% of the time.

So cagers look carefully before you make that turn at an intersection. Motorcyclists can do some proactice things proactive to protect yourself. Slow down and cover the hand brake so  you are ready to either brake hard, using both brakes or make an avoidance maneuver. The  avoidance maneuver requires you to be aware of where you can bail out. However even with the best riding these accidents happen so fast that a motocyclist can not avoid them

 2. A Car Pulls Out From a Side Street, Driveway or Parking Lot

Motorcyle riders must scan ahead of them and be thinking of possible dangers. As you come to an intersecting stop street and see a car stopped only on the left hand side of the road may cause you to want to shift over to the right sight of the road or at least in that 1/3 of the lane

. Keep your eyes on the car and try to see if the driver is at least looking your way. Again slow down a bit and cover the hand brake so that you are prepared to make a hard stop. Scraping 10 miles of your speed can be the difference between bruises and death.Fialure to avoid these crashes is not the motocyclists fault. Even is you take that utmost defensive driving stance these accident aslo happen so fast that avoidanced is impossible.

3. A Car Changes Lane Into You While Riding on The Expressway

My home Cincinnati has major Interstates as I-71 and I-75 as well as the 275 outerbelt. I make it a habit to ride in the high speed lane. At least that way you are somewhat out of the way of cars merging onto the interstate. Try to stay out of a motor vehicles blind spot if you can. And when confronted by a tractor trailer try to get al least up to his cab as fast as you can. Keep your eye out for situations where cars will be changing lanes, such as one lane slowing. you know vehicle will try to swing out of that slowing let. You do not want to be there when they do.

4. Motorcycles Taking a Curve Too Fast

Motorcycle turn safety Motorcycle turn safety


When I read about a one vehicle motorcycle accident it is commonly that the  motorcyclist went off the road in a turn. The biggest reason is entering the curve too fast , drifting left of center and then fixating on the target you are about to hit. So tap the  brake lightly before you enter the curve to give a sign to the cars behing you that you a  are slowing down. Let off the throttle some so you are a few miles under the speed limit.  Enter the corner wide to increase vision.

And take the turn a little late so you can see  objects you might have to avoid around the bend.   The picture to the left shows the motorcycle rider taking a wide turn and not trying to tighten the turn up to fast. This gives them the ability to see around the curve in case the re is an obstacle in their path they need to avoid. Also notice the trees to the left. Going into the turn to fast could cause drift towards the tre then deadly target fixation so the motorcyclist crashes into the tree instead of at least avoiding it.  

5. Drinking or Drugging and Driving

Drinking or driving drug impaired is idiotic and unsafe to do while driving any motor vehicle. It is a motorcylce rider that drinks and drives that courts serious injury and death. The solution. Don't drink or drug and drive.

 About the Author Anthony Castelli is a personal injury lawyer practicing Ohio law. He has 34 years experience. He currrent motorcycle is his Harley Dyna Low Rider. Anthony loves the motorcycle community in Cincinnati.and the many charitable acts they perform, He authored The Ohio Motorcycle Bible. You can learn more about him at or