Car accidents and Dental Teeth Injury by Cincinnati Lawyer

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Although the title of this article is car accidents and dental teeth injury by Cincinnati lawyer this story is about a great oral maxillofacial surgeon, Dr Michael B Lee.

If you were in a car accident in Cincinnati , Mason, West Chester or anywhere especially in Ohio and had a dental tooth gum bone injury ( oral maxillofacial injury ) you might want to know one of the best oral surgeons in my judgement in the greater Cincinnati area.

I just reached a settlement in a case of a young girl who suffered a very serious mouth bone gum and teeth dental injury. The primary treating doctor was Dr Michael B Lee, DDS. He was awarded a Doctor of Dental surgery from Indiana State University . He then went on to intern at University of Cincinnati medical School Department of Surgery, Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

He went on to be a Senior resident there and then Chief resident from 1980-1981. He has been actively practicing oral maxillofacial surgery since that time. His resume is impressive , as he has published numerous articles , given many presentations, and is on the cutting edge of the latest techniques. But what stands out even more is that he is an excellent doctor that cares deeply about his patients and the results he obtains for them.

The young lady I represented as a car accident lawyer had as Dr Lee described the following injuries:

Facial fractures including a maxillary fracture that extended into the hard palate along with alveolar ridge fractures. She sustained an avulsion injury with loss of teeth #5, 6,,8,9 and #7 tooth was grossly displaced and subluxated as was #10 tooth.

Dr Lee performed multiple procedures including debridement, bone grafting, reconstruction of the maxilla and dental implants so that a prosthesis of all the new teeth could be fitted. He concluded that she would return to normal masticatory function but had a life altering injury that would require future treatment due to the fact that the fixtures are not capable of lasting throughout her long expected life.

The 4 page report Dr Michael Lee provided to me was detailed and accurate. He explained all of her dental injury, diagnosis , prognosis and treatment in vivid and compelling and easily understandable detail. Everything he stated was fully documented. This is in contrast to some doctors that provide but a copy of their records with little explanation.

Prior to this car accident injury this young lady had perfect teeth after years of braces. She was fortunate that she got to Dr Lee. He was able to put her back together so that her appearance and function of the prosthetic teeth made her just a beautiful as before.

I know she is very grateful to Dr Lee for the excellent medical care he gave her and the excellent result he achieved. No one likes to see anyone have a serious car accident injury. If you do though I highly recommend you seek the medical services of Dr Lee. His staff is also certainly top notch and went beyond the call of duty to provide us a very necessary piece of evidence. But that's another story.