Cincinnati Car Accidents Injuries an Attorney Legal Analysis 2023

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Cincinnati car accident injures and deaths occur daily, As a car accident injury lawyer for over 35 years I've seen many clients whose lives were seriously altered and damaged. One way to try to make up for these losses is getting a monetary award through the legal system.

Determining which cases are worthy of compensation because there was legal liability can be difficult at times. The finding must show some fault, usually negligence.It may be helpful to the public to learn more than what is reported in the news or internet about a particular motor vehicle crash. What follows is a legal analysis of the potential issues that may arise in some recently reported auto accident injuries.

Monique Bryant Spared In Wrong Way Crash on I-74 with Dante Smith While Others Seriously Injured

Some how Dante Smith got into the wrong lane on interstate 74 and caused mulitiple collisions and injuries. Monique Bryant saw him coming at her and dodged a bullet when she avoided his vehicle. Others were not so lucky.

Eli Valasquez -Zacarias was struck by the Smith vehicle. Sadly he had a 5 year old in his car that was also seriusly injured.

Isaac Slaughter was driving a truck and could not avoid striking the Smith vehicle. Another driver Charlee Combs was also involved.

Attorney Commentary and Analysis of Cincinnati Car Accidents

Of course a wrong way driver is generally negligent. It appears that Smith would be legally at fault for the accidents and injuries he caused. The real issue with so many people injured is whether there is enough insurance to compensate for the damages. 

It would seem doubtful that someone with the issues surrounding Smith would have significant liability insurance. This leaves the injured parties to look to their own car policies to see if there is uninsured motorist coverage. (1) This coverage is something you buy to protect yourself in the event a driver with little or no insurance causes you injury. 

Given that there are multiple injuries, it is likely that finding the available insurance willl be key to recovering compensation for the injury victims.


(1) Ohio underinsured motorist coverage


Kayla Ellison and Jillian Jones Were Injured This Past Sunday in a One Car Crash.


According to reports by WLW-T Kayle Ellison was driving south on Interste 71 in Warren County, Ohio. Jillian Stone was a passenger. It appears that the motor vehicle struck a median and was out of control. The car actually went airborne. 

One could presume that the driver was at fault based on these set of facts, although some insurance company could come up with a defense of sudden medial emergeny or equipment failure. That is why even in the most obvious of car crashes an early investigation is critical.  

Legal Analysis

Once again on its face the driver appears at fault. Although the police investigation was on going. The critical issue again comes down to whether the driver had enough insurance coverage to pay money damages. If not, the passenger hopefully has significant underinsured motorist coverage.