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It can be a difficult task to find the best personal injury lawyer for your accident harm caused by another's neglect. From billboards, to obtrusive letters in the mail, radio, and good old television the public is bombarded with bodily harm lawyers telling you to hire them based on some catch phrase or another. Repeating over and over the words "Lawyers you know lawyers you trust" may be a good branding tactic, but does it really help you make an informed decision on hiring a lawyer. Moreover narrowing in on the firm is not as important as narrowing in on the lawyer. After all you don't just want to be a number to a big firm.

With the dawning of the internet and lawyers websites there is a wealth of information out there. Reviewing a lawyer's web site for reviews, results, and experience is information that is meaningful. Although the past successes do not mean the lawyer will win your case, you can get a fairly good idea if the lawyer knows how to put together a personal injury claim.

Although 99 percent of tort victims do not want to go to trial I submit that the best way to keep from going to trial and still getting a fair result is to hire a lawyer that has significant successes in the Court room in front of civil juries. Why? Because the insurance companies know the track record of the settlers. If a neglignece lawyer has little or know trial experience and even less desire to prepare a case for trial the insurance companies' may be more likely to offer a low ball offer. They will call your bluff. But if they know your lawyer prepares the case as if it will go to trial and will try the claim if necessary the element of risk it presents to them often causes big insurance to pay a higher dollar.

And in those cases where the insurance company misvalues the case a good attorney that is a trial lawyer can often make them pay for their mistake with a healthy and fair jury verdict.

Can Legal Directories Help me Find a Great Attorney?

There are many law directories out there that tout lawyers. Many of these directories are pay to play. Recently I got in the mail an offer to be in a so called "top lawyer directory" . All they wanted was $2000 to complete the nominating process. Needless to say I tossed that invitation in the garbage basket. Unfortunately sometimes these or other  directories are served up by google when you ask for the best personal injury lawyer. Attorney Michael Ehine has written extensivley on this recent change by Google called Pigeon which has elevated lawyer directories. Source My limited research since the time of Attorney Ehline's article tells me that this problem has been addresed to some extent. But other issues have cropped up such as the same lawyer posting multiple addresses and surfacing multiple times on page one especially in the google 7 pack now sometimes the three pack.

The short answer is that legal dirctories are advertisements plain and simple. In my mind they are virtually useless in terms of finding the best lawyer for your case in Cincinnati, Ohio or where ever the jurisdiction of your case rests.

Resources That Can Help You Find a Personal Injury Lawyer that is Right For You

I have prepared a simple video that attempts to help you, the consumer of legal services find the right lawyer. In many legal consumers they know they want a contingent fee lawyer. But most every personal injury law office or law firm .

I also authored a book call Attorney Advertising Revealed This provides some critical tips on how to go about getting the right lawyer for you injury or accident claim

The Circle Of Legal Trust is another great resource with its web o trust Because it is not a pay to play group and is very selective in who becomes a member your geographic location may not have one of these attorenys listed for your area. But odds are their network can recommend someone to help. These are lawyers that have earned my trust. No big slogans just a group of loosley affiliated lawyers.


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