Testimonial For Cincinnati Accident and Injury Attorney Anthony Castelli

Attorney Serving Cincinnati, Mason, Hamilton & Nearby Areas in Ohio

Lawyers love to talk about themselves. Don't you just hate it when you go to a lawyer's office to tell your story that many of them tell you how great they are. If someone tells me how great they are it tells me it's all about them. But if a lawyer's clients are willing to talk about them that means a lot. Good or bad. Face it, lawyers are not up there on the trust meter and lawyers that handle personal injury and wrongful death claims are often labeled greedy.

My mentor Walter Beall was one of the hardest working most compassionate persons, let alone lawyers, I ever met. My father is a World War II Navy hero. They never talked about how great they were. If they spoke of themselves it was about their perceived shortcomings and how they always wanted to improve and do better. People that know them were always complimentary.

I am so lucky that some wonderful clients of mine would say a few words about me. So if you are trying to find a personal injury lawyer you can get some idea about how they feel about me. My goal is to treat every client the same. To give them great service and help them in their time of need. To get them justice and fair compensation. It hurts to fall short. So I try like heck not to.