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Middletown car accident claims, if not settled pre lawsuit are brought in the Court of Common Pleas of Butler, County, Ohio. That is if the damages you are seeking are in excess of $15,000.00  Otherwise your civil claim for car accident injuries can be brought in Middletown municpal court where Judge Mark Wall currently is the Judge. However the more serious auto accident injury lawsuits are brought in the Courthouse in downtown Hamilton. Ohio . You may get one of 7 judges. The number of civil cases in the Butler county judicial system has risen gradually over the years and the last statistics showed over 7900 civil cases filed per year. This number includes all manner of cases and is just not motor vehicle injury cases. The current Butler County Judges are Judges Craig Hedric, Andrew Nasteff, Patricia Oney, Charles Pater, Michael Sage, Noah Powers, and Judge Spaeth. I have had the priviledge of trying an automobile accident jury trial in front of Judge Sage. In years gone by I had tried two cases in front of Judge John Moser. Judge Moser was one of the hardest working Judges I had ever seen sometimes trying two cases  at the same time. In the 1980's I had the privildge of tryng the products liability defective dump truck wrongful death case known as Bowling v. Heil. That case had over 20 pages of jury instructions with 12 separate questions the jury had to answer. The jury verdict was $1,750,000.00 and the case went all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court. It would be a rarity for a car crash injury lawsuit to go all the way to the Supreme Court. In fact, even if your Middletown car accident claim does go to a lawsuit that does not mean it will go to a jury trial. Most insurance claims are settled by negotiation or at a mediation prior to a jury trial.

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Middletown also has its fair of interstate crashes as I-75 runs just east of downtown Middletown. Depending on the area of your automobile wreck you may have the Middletown police investigate or the Ohio Highway State patrol. No matter where in Middletown you happen to be involved in an auto mishap causing harm, you should always call the police to document the crash, the parties and the scene. Although in most cases the police will not take photographs. Make sure if you are able to take your own. If you are seriouly hurt in a Middletown, Ohio accident injury claim it is important to consult with a personal injury trial lawyer. Hiring a lawyer does not mean that a lawsuit will be filed. But without the ability to threaten the insurance company with a lawsuit for your pain and suffering,  medical expenses , lost wages and other damages that might apply,you have limited ability to negotiate a strong settlement. About  the Author Anthony Castelli Attorney has over 32 years experience with personal injury car accident claims soley representing the injured person. He offers you a  free consultation and if hired does not charge by the hour, but works on a contingency fee basis. Middletown car accident injury victims, Call today  1-800-447-6549 for a free car accident insurance settlement claim review