Free Masons Motorcycle Club Members Guest on Cincinnati Biker Life

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Biker Bodhi

Two Free Mason Motorcycle Group members were guests last night on Cincinnati Biker Life Radio. Curtiss Belcher and Bodhi Halsey, both Free Masons, avid motorcyclists, and fathers, and all around great guys stopped in on the Cincinnati Biker Life radio show, hosted by Cincinnati personal injury lawyer and motorcycle accident attorney Anthony Castelli. Curtiss and Bodhi talked about their love of the Free Masons , the Free Masons motorcycle club and their upcoming adventure as motorcycle riders in the American Motorcycle Rally. I learned how you become a Free Mason during the course of my interview. This was not volunteered information as the Free Masons , the oldest fraternity in the world, does not solicit for members. You have to ask a Free Mason how do you become a member. That tells you a lot about the Free Mason brotherhood. In a world where it seems everyone wants money, members or something from somebody the Free Masons don't promote. What a refreshing concept. Their common bond is a belief in a Deity or Higher Power of your choosing and loyalty to each other and charitable service. Think of the Shriners and our great Cincinnati Shriner's Burns Hospital as all Shriners are Free Masons. That's an amazing story in itself as all the services at the hospital are free. This June Curtiss and Bodhi will be riding in the 7000 mile iron butt event The American Motorcycle Rally. This event has prize money and prizes. First prize is $150,000.00. Curtis and Bodhi are experienced long distance motorcycle riders , as each of them have ridden in the Hoka Hey long distance motorcycle event. So get behind Curtiss and Bodhi and support them in their quest. Come on out this Sunday to Powder Keg Harley Davidson where there will be a fun event and a effort to raise interest and funds for Curtiss and Bodhi to help them along the way. For me it was truly an honor to have them come on Cincinnati Biker Life and spend some time with. It's even more of an honor to have them as my friends. I certainly will be following their motorcycle adventures this June.

Curtiss Belcher