Postal Workers and Other Workers Harmed by Dog Bites Have Two Claims

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Postal workers and other employees bitten or harmed by dogs have two claims. One is against the owner, harborer or keeper of  the dog and the other is a workers compensation claim.  There is an overlap in the damages. The employer or the Ohio Workers compensation system or Federal compensation system generally has to be paid back, but it may be at a reduced or negotiated rate.


The Advantage of Filing Both Dog Injury Claims

There is an advantage to filing both claims even if there has to be a pay back for the workers compensation claim. The workers compensation system in Ohio and Federally gives very little compensation, if any, for pain and suffering and disfigurement. So while workers compensation will normally cover your medical bills and a portion of your lost wages it may not cover all your wages either.

So there is a benefit from accessing both systems. Even after hiring a lawyer chances are you will come out ahead if the dog harm was serious. The workers compensation system factors in attorney's fees and expenses when a payback is required. The Ohio formula for payback is somewhat complicated if you are not familiar with it. See


How to Make a Dog Harm Claim in Ohio

It is critical to get the authorities involved if you are harmed by a dog. I say dog harm because recompense is not limited to a canine bite. For instance if the dog causes you to be tripped or knocked down and cause an injury other than a bite,  the Ohio dog bite statute covers that type of harm. Ohio Dog Harm Statute

Dog bites to postal workers are more frequent than many realize. In 2012 close to 6000 postal workers were bitten by dogs. Other employees such as federal express and UPS and gas and electric and cable workers are also at risk. These workers all have in common that they work in neighborhoods and are near or in homes where dogs are not properly restrained or controlled by their owners.


Video of What To Do If  Harmed by A Dog


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