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If you have suffered a personal injury you probably want to find the best top accident injury lawyer in Cincinnati or you can take a shot in the dark and represent yourself. Better yet do some basic research through the internet and equip yourself with the best personal injury lawyer you can find in Cincinnati.

This can be a big dilemna for a car accident or other injury victim. Some think lawyers are ambulance chasers and will charge a fee that will eat up all the money. I do not dispute that there are some so called ambulance chasers. Some lawyers are just not equipped to handle a personal injury claim.

On the other hand a lay person that handles a serious injury claim may get much less net in their pocket than an experienced top ranked lawyer may be able to net them. I recently came across a well researched post on the value a top personal injury lawyer can add to the case.( I'm happy to provide you this article on request)

This coincides with an Allstate document that describes why they try to steer injury victims away from lawyers and states "We end up paying represented claimants up to three times as much as unrepresented claimants.

So Here is  How Do You Find a Good Personal Injury Attorney

Two sources are and Martindale hubbel. Avvo ranks lawyers on a multitude of factors and gives the highest ranked attorneys a 10 or a suberb rating. The highest rating Matindale Hubbel gives is a preeminent rating.

The BBB better business bureau rates businesses including lawyers. So those are three places to look to find a top ranked attorney. Do your research.

That's why I wrote Attorney Advertising Revealed. Click this link Attorney Advertising revealed to go to a page where you can download this book for free. Attorney Advertising  revealed gives you suggestions for finding an experienced  personal injury lawyer. Yes you can find referral services and directories but many of them do not vet the attorney and merely require payment and a lawyer to be in good standing to be included.

With the advent of lawyer web sites and through the use of Martindale hubbel and AVVO as well as the Super Lawyer Magazine Web site you should be able to narrow down your choice of an accident injury lawyer and distiguish a hard working lawyer from the ambulance chasers.

One thing you can count on unfortunately is a barrage of mail soliciting your injury claim. Think seriously before you hire a lawyer just because they mailed you a letter.

I'm happy to answer your questions about what I offer my clients and have numerous reviews and testimonials from former clients on my web site. If you can not get to us we will come to you.