Motorcycle Crash Death In Cincinnati Could have Been Avoided

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Another motorcycle crash death in Cincinnati caused by a car driver could have been avoided. Sadly cars failing to yield the right of way to motorcycles at intersections are far too common. Fox 19 just put up on the internet a story about a motorcyclist being killed in Green Township on Glenway avenue. Apparently Joanne Case was driving her car on Glenway avenue and Thomas Grady Jr was riding his motorcycle in the opposite direction on Glenway avenue. It was not stated why Joanne Case turned left in front of the motorcyclist into a lot that contained a Bob Evans restaurant.The report was not totally clear what happened and even reports some contradiction by a so called eye witness. But now a young man is dead. This appears to be as a result of negligence which is the failure to drive carefully. The failure to yield the right of way is often the cause of motorcycle car crash injuries and deaths. I never buy the fact that the motorcycle is too small to be seen, as some might say. It's certainly big enough to be seen if someone is paying attention to the road and driving safely. I can just here some of the naysayers and those prejudiced against motorcyclists saying things that imply the motorcyclist was somehow to blame. As a motorcycle accident Lawyer and motorcycle rider I've heard most of the prejudices of others against motorcycle riders. We deserve as much protection as the car driver and the law gives us that protection. But yet another family mourns the death of a loved one. Look Twice Save a Life is not just a slogan. Watch for Motorcycles is not just a slogan. If automobile drivers would practice this there would be fewer car crash motorcycle accidents, injuries and deaths. If you witnessed this motorcycle accident Green Township is still investigating and asking for you to call them at 513-574-0007. Please give them a call if you witnessed this motorcycle car crash. by Anthony Castelli Attorney