Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Reveals Insurance Secrets for Accident Victims

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Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Tells Secrets Insurance Won't Tell Car Accident Injury Victims 2023

By Anthony D. Castelli, Cincinnati Car Accident Injury Attorney


 A hard working nurse was riding her motorcycle when a car going in the opposite direction turned directly into her path. The nurse had no time to stop her motorcycle to avoid the collision, so she laid her bike down and slid into the car. Her leg was shattered. It required surgery to put the bones back together.

The insurance company for the car driver made contact with the nurse right away. They paid for her motorcycle. They offered alternative transportation but of course she could not use it since she was too badly injured to drive. They offered to pay any out-of-pocket medical expenses that she incurred and even offered to pay her lost wages.

They told her that they would like to make a settlement with her when she was ready, and that although she had the right to hire an attorney, they would like to work with her first. They really did not see the need to have an attorney take a fee out of her settlement.

So the nurse tried to work with the insurance company. She figured, ‘What do I have to lose?’ They had been nice to her so far, so why would she need the help of an attorney, especially when she had to pay an attorney’s fee, which meant - she thought - she would take home less money.

She believed the insurance company would make her a fair offer. So the day came when she was ready to settle. Much to her shock and displeasure the insurance company offered her only $70,000.00. This was not much more than the medical bills and lost wages she had incurred

She had thought the insurance company was her friend. After all, they paid for the motorcycle and had done a lot of nice things and said a lot of nice things, but she felt ‘in her gut’ that this settlement offer just was not fair.

She came to me and wanted to know what I thought. Was there anything I could do to get a better settlement? Since she had been treated some time ago, I was able to look at some of her medical records describing her injury. I could also listen to her story and determine that she was still having significant trouble with the leg, and it appeared that these problems would be permanent

The insurance company told her that there really was not any reason to hire an attorney. They said that they had evaluated her claim and wanted to make her a fair offer. 


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