Will My Accident Claim Go To trial if I hire An attorney

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 Many seeking injury compensation whether it be for a car accident, truck accident,  motorcycle accident virtually any type of injury claim want to know if the hire an accident lawyer will they have to go to trial.

Injury attorneys will tell you that most car accident claims result is a car accident settlement without going to trial. In fact the majority of auto accident claims are settled without the necessity of a lawsuit.

 However the good accident injury attorney will always begin the preparation of a case as if its going to trial. That means preserving and gathering  evidence at an early stage.  Because you never know what cases will or will not end up in trial. 

 If the insurance company smells the fact that your attorney is not willing and ready to file a lawsuit and go to trial if necessary you will likely be faced with a low offer and the possibility of being forced to a trial without the necessary evidence ot being "forced" into taking a less than adequate offer.

 So you want a accident injury attorney who is going to aggressively pursue and preserve the evidence. That means taking pictures of the vehicles, the scene and the injuries. It means interviewing the witnesses. and it means preparing the medical evidence.

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