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WLW in Cincinnati has the idea about Drunk Driving and injuring and maiming people all wrong and MADD has it              all right. While driving down the road listening to WLW , lord knows why, I heard them interviewing an attorney telling you what to do to beat a Driving Under the Influence DUI aka DWI, Driving While intoxicated.

As a personal injury lawyer I can tell you in my opinion the mothers against drunk drivers have got it right. Don't call me if you are picked up for a DUI. I will not defend you. Hurt one of my clients or a car driver that becomes one of my clients and I'll come after you for compensatory as well as punitive damages.


Thousands Are Slaughtered and Maimed by Drunk Drivers

In 2010, 10,228 people were killed in alchohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for 1/3 of all traffic related deaths in the United States. Everyday 30 people are killed in alchohol related car crashes. Source CDC  . Does WLW care when they are interviewing the partner of Bill Cunningham about how to beat a DUI (what to do if you are stopped). I don't think so. He's a bright guy and a good lawyer. And I don't begrudge him his business or free publicitiy. And he's not advocating drinking and driving. But still it rubs me the wrong way.

So I'm going to side with MADD. Since they have got involved, drunk driving injuries and fatalities have decreased. In fact according to Mothers Against Drunk driving fatalities have been cut in half since 1980. You can make an impact on this number and drive it even lower. Just maybe you can get a drunk driver off the road before they hurt someone.


What You Can Do To Stop Drunk Driving If You See It

If you see someone weaving, driving on the wrong side of the road, slowing up then going faster back and forth, drifting off the road, any signs of impaired driving: try to get the license number. Pull over and call 911 with the location , the direction and the identifying characteristics of the car or other motor vehicle. Just maybe  the police will get them before they hurt or kill someone.

So mothers against drunk driving I commend you . They suggest interlocks on all convicted of drunk driving. If you don't blow you can not go. At least 1/3 of drunk driving crashes are repeat offenders. So if they can't start their car unless they blow alchohol free breath the world's a better and safer place. Call your Ohio legislater today.

By Anthony Castelli Attorney

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