Clermont County's, Ohio's Disturbing Rate of Teen Crash Deaths

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Determining Why Clermont's Fatality Rate is So High

For those outside of Ohio, Clermont may seem relatively unassuming. The county of 200,000 graces the state's southern border. Clermont is a stone's throw from Cincinnati and many commuters travel between their and downtown Cincinnati each day. Unfortunately, for a part of the state that should be relatively safe, its roads have been part of a disturbing trend over the last years. Clermont County has suffered the highest rate of teen crash fatalities of any county in the state of Ohio.

As WLWT 5 reported in 2014, a 19 year old victim was killed in a collision between a Mazda 6 and Camaro. This occured even though all passengers were wearing seatbelts. Fox 19 reported that the crash could have been partially caused by an intersection that has been identified as dangerous previously. The intersection of State Route 132 and State Route 749/Lindale Nicholsville Road has been cited for its poor visibility and speed issues. There have been multiple accidents at the site, but none as bad as the October 2014 fatality. WLWT also reported on similar concerns causing multiple accidents on Dela Palma Road. State Route 132 has also been the site of severe crashes.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Clermont County has been the site of a disproportionate number of fatalities. In 2014, almost 4% of Ohio's fatal accidents happened in the county, even though it represents just 1.6% of the state's population. As seen in a May 2015 accident that involved eight vehicles, as covered by WKRC, driving under the influence was a factor. Alcohol has been a factor in other accidents in the area, causing a spike in injuries and fatalities. High rates of drinking and driving is not simply a Clermont County or Ohio problem, but combined with other factors can become a severe hazard for all motorists, especially teenagers just getting used to the road.

A combination of poor road design, intentional ignorance of road conditions, alcohol, and inexperience have combined to be a deadly trap for the county's teens. The statistic of having the highest rate of teenage fatalities is more than a number on a paper. It represents each grieving familty that has had to say goodbye to a beloved relative far too soon. Even with coverage from local and state police, the area faces an unacceptable rate of fatalities on its roads. Weather has also played a role, especially during the winter season.

Auto accident lawyer Anthony Castelli has looked at the factors that led to these and other accidents in the state of Ohio. Issues such as intersection safety that have not been heeded by municipalities are severe issues that impact crash rates. Agencies that do not follow due diligence to minimize the number and severity of crashes after being warned should be held liable for their irresponsibility. Anthony and his team have challenged government bureacrats in the Court of Claims to help prevent such accident and help victims thereof. For more information, please call 513-621-2345 today for a free claim evaluation.