Ohio Pit Bull Law Change Misguided and Dangerous by Cincinnati Dog Bite Lawyer

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The recent change in Ohio law stating that pit bulls are not specifically designated as viscous dogs is a dangerous precedent. It means at minimum, that people bitten by pit bulls will likely go uncompensated. Under the old law pit bull owners were required to have insurance on their pit bull dog. This is no longer  the case.

So now if you are bitten by a pit bull in Ohio, the owner if they do not have homeowners or renters insurance, will likely not have insurance to cover your injuries from their dog. Plus the laws on vicious dogs are more stringent on how they must be kept. It's hard to understand why the change has been made other than what I saw in my research in reference that kennels were having hard times finding homes for pitbulls. Maybe it was because they are so damn dangerous.

The change in the law comes in the wake of a child apparently being killed when a pit bull bit its head. This occurred in Northern Ohio. This is not an isolated case. Some people commented don't leave your dog alone with a child, that's the real problem.  That's just misguided. Don't leave you child alone near a dog for sure, but also don't own this dangerous dog with jaws so strong it's commonly bread to be a fighter. I can not stand to hear that a child or anyone for that matter has been bitten by a dog. There are terrible injuries the dog bites make. Take a look at this picture of an arm bitten by a dog. It's a horrible reminder of the type of  damage that a dog bite can cause.

Protect yourself at all times and do not put your face near a dog. The bigger the dog the more likely the more severe will be the injury from the bite. Remember dog bite law in Ohio protects you if you are injured by the dog from a bite or otherwise. If you or your child is bitten get in touch with a dog bite lawyer so your claim can be fully investigated and the owner, harborer or keeper of the dog be determined. Then insurance coverage needs to be found. you always want the dog warden involved to document the ownership of the dog and that the dog is not diseased.

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