2 Critical Mistakes Personal Injury Victims Make

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In the following video, Anthony Castelli discusses 2 critical mistakes commonly made by personal injury victims:

  • Accepting too little on a claim
  • Asking for too much on their claim

Both of these mistakes are most often made when the victim doesn't hire an experienced personal injury attorney. If you forego legal representation and try to deal with the insurance company on your own, you are much less likely to receive fair compensation for your damages.

By hiring a lawyer who knows how to evaluate the true value of your case, you have a much better chance at maximizing the value of your compensation. When facing the significant financial burdens associated with an injury, it's crucial to work with someone who can help you get the money necessary to provide for your family during this difficult time in your life.

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: What Are Two Critical Mistakes Personal Injury Victims Make

Hi.  I’m Tony Castelli, a Cincinnati Personal Injury Trial Attorney.  Today I have a legal message for you about the two biggest mistakes that I believe personal injury victims make. 

Mistake #1 is accepting too little on their claim.  Mistake #2 is wanting too much on their claim. 

Let’s talk about Mistake #1 and how that occurs.  That usually comes about when the person represent themselves, deals with the insurance company, has no idea what their case is worth and believes what the insurance representative tells them when “this is what your case is worth.  You’re not going to get any more and if you hire an attorney, he’s going to take a portion of your recovery and you’re going to end up with less.”  What happens in a lot of cases, the people take a pittance compared to what they really should take. 

The other scenario is they hire an attorney who’s not a trial attorney who doesn’t want to go to court and wants to make a quick settlement.  And in that case again, they can be saddled with a low-ball offer. 

The second mistake is they want too much.  And this happens because people’s emotions get in the way.  They know they’ve been harmed and they know how this has affected them.  They think that the jury is going to award them a lot of money.  And in some cases, juries award a lot of money. But not what you think they will award. 

 An experienced personal injury attorney does jury verdict research, and he’s also got his own bank of jury trials that he tried similar to yours and knows within a range what your case is worth. 

So, my advice to you is to seek the help of a good personal injury attorney and when he gives you advice, listen to it.  Have a great day.