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Find a Loveland Ohio Personal Injury Attorney

Loveland, Ohio personal injury victims have multiple lawyers to chose from. The key to full compensation for your Loveland car accident or other personal injury is hiring the best attorney possible. 

The question to be answered is, "How Do I Find the Best Loveland Injury Lawyer Near Me?"

This is not as simple as it seems in the case of Loveland. Because of the unique characteristics of Loveland, you may want a lawyer familiar with the Courts of Warren County, Hamilton County, and Clermont County. This is because the geography of Loveland is such that the City of Loveland is in three counties. 

Ultimately, if your case does not settle without a law suit, then depending on which county the car accident or other negligently inflicted injury occurred is where the lawsuit should be filed. This is called the proper venue and is controlled by the Ohio Civil Rules.(1) (Venue can be in any county in Ohio, but proper venue is determined by Ohio Civil Rule 3, and can be where the car accident occured among other Courts.) 

In the book Attorney Advertising Revealed (2) (Loveland personal injury attorney Anthony Castelli gives critical tips on choosing the best personal injury lawyer. Among the most cited is trial experience.) Without hiring a lawyer with personal injury trial experience you may be pressured into taking a low ball settlement because the attorney is afraid or unwilling to go to court. In many cases in Court is where the best settlement is reached.

This does not mean to imply that your case will end up in trial. It just means that you may have to file a lawsuit and work up the case as if it were going to trial. Then at the appropropriate time you can ask for mediation . This is how most law suits get resolved.However, without adequate preparation by your lawyer you may get way less than your case is worth. 

If you live in Loveland, Ohio it is also a matter of convenience as to the lawyer you hire. The reason is that you may want to be close to your attorney so you spend less time traveling to their office.

Loveland attorney Castelli is conveniently located on Montgomery road with availability to meet at 10320 Brentmoor Drive , Loveland Ohio 45140. Anthony Castell of the Law Office of Anthony D. Castelli and the owner of Castelli Mediation and Dsipute Resolution  knows the ropes when it comes to preparing a Loveland claim and filing it in the appropriate court and mediating the claim as appropriate. In fact, Castelli lives in Loveland with a home office located at 10320 Brentmoor Drive, Loveland, Ohio 45140.

The Courts of Loveland, Ohio 

The Loveland Mayor's Court is the only Court which actually carries a Loveland name. This Court is not where the major negligence cases are filed. Depending on where in Loveland your auto accident occured, you may end up in one of the counties previously mentioned. This is because a Mayor's Court has limited jurisdiction. This is the only Court that is the City of Loveland's very own. This is not a court where a personal injury claim would be filed. 

History of Loveland, Ohio

Downtown Loveland at the Loveland Bike Trail crossing. Seen here is Loveland Avenue, originally named Jackson Street.[1]

Loveland was first settled in 1795. In 1848 the land was bought which is now Loveland. In 1876 loveland was incorporated as a village. Over the years Loveland has grown from 800 residents to 12,000. residents. 

Loveland is known for the loveland bike trail that stretches across Ohio. There is also the Loveland Castle which is another attraction. 

(1) Ohio Civil Rules

(2) Lawyer Advertising Revealed Free Download

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Attorney Anthony Castelli has litigated over 30 civil injury claims through out the Courts of Ohio. He has over 35 years experience as a personal injury attorney. He is an experienced mediator as well as an author and teacher. He has recovered millions of dollars for thousands of clients. Call 513-621-2345 for a free claim review. 

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