My Child Injury -How To Prevent Your Child Injury From Dangerous Toys - A Series by Anthony Castelli Attorney

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This article is the first in a series about how to  prevent child injury from dangerous toys. As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I've seen the pains an injured child goes through as well as the effect on a child's parents when their child is seriously injured.

Once the damage is done it seems so insignificant to get compensation for the child injury. However, if the manufacturer or wrongdoer of a dangerous toy is hit hard enough in the pocket book, possibly they may make safety changes.

Recently an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer gave 3 square inches to this headline, Report Identifies Dangerous Toys. This report was from the Ohio Public Interest Research Group's 2011 Trouble in Toyland. The report explicitly mentioned 12 toys that were dangerous. The report breaks down the dangers to your child into these 4 injury categories:

  • 1 Toxins in Children's Products  
  • 2 Choking Hazards
  • Excessively Loud Toys 
  • 4. Strangulation Hazards

Lead, cadmium and phalates are the three most dangerous toxins often found in childrens's toys. Most of us have heard of lead hazards,  but how many even heard of the word Phalate. As a child injury lawyer I was shocked to hear about this compound. The plastics industry uses these pervasively to improve flexibility of products and they are used in personal care products.

They cause injuries such as reproductive defects, premature delivery, early onset of puberty, and lower sperm counts. Every person in America is presumed to have some level of phalates in their system . The challenge is to keep the level below what can produce harm. Unfortunately who really knows the total damage these things can cause us.

The chidren's toys called Funny glasses and Sleep Masks were noted by the study to  have higher than allowed phalate levels. As a result of pressure Congress banned about 6 types of phalates. Several states have instituted even more significant bans. Ohio is not one of them . I suggest you contact the state and consumer protection commisions to voiec your concerns.

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