Anthony Castelli Attorney's Veteran's College Scholarship Third Annual Winner Announced

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Press Release

Cincinnati, Ohio 6/11/2017

The Law Office of Anthony D. Castelli sponsors an annual veteran's college scholarship in the amount of $500. This year's winner is Cameron Scott Single. He will be using the scholarship to go to college at McNeese State Univerity to pursue biochemistry and biophysics. He was a straight A student from Ragley Louisiana. His Dad is a marine.

Here is the winning essay Cameron wrote, We can all be of service to our country even though we may not be soldiers.

The American Military’s Place in Preserving Freedom for the United States

Being the son of a former United States Marine gives me such pride, and a unique understanding of the importance the US military has played in the preservation of American freedoms for over a hundred years.  These men and women protect our freedom of speech, religion, the right to vote in a democracy, and so much more.   So many of these brave military soldiers have served and died to preserve these American rights.

 When enlisting in the U.S. military, the soldier takes an oath to preserve the American freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights.  They vow to protect and preserve America’s rights, even to their death, if necessary.  They vow to preserve our right to justice, liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness.

 Over the past century, the U.S. military has changed in many ways, advancing in technology and other tactical area.  What has not changed is that the military is still a key element in protecting the freedom of America.

 The U.S. military now faces international terrorism.  Their missions have changed in order to effectively protect America’s freedom.  The military plays an indirect role in promoting and protecting freedom globally, as well as on American soil.

 For example, the military enables the delivery of energy and the shipment of goods on the seas.  U.S. command also protects cyberspace and outer space for security reasons.  Without the protections of the military, these resources would not be available for industries that depend on them for their services and products.

 The proud military men and women have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice because they believe America’s liberty is worth preserving at all costs.  These men and women will continue to serve and protect proudly no matter what the challenges are.  Unfortunately, many of us today take their defense of our liberty for granted.  The courageous men and women who make up the military defend America based on the ideals that our great nation was founded.  They selflessly protect us against threats from other nations and international terrorism abroad and on our own soil.

 When deployed to foreign soil, the military must provide training to the host nation.  U.S. soldiers train and instruct foreign military forces in law enforcement and combat.  In order to carry out this training, the US military must form relationships with the foreign forces they are training.  These relationships influence the standard of the host nation.  In most cases, they are shaping these forces in a way that are not the same as their own.

     Another duty of the U.S. military is to preserve the American democratic system and freedom.  These freedoms include monetary freedom, business freedom, labor freedom, and fiscal freedom.  We, as Americans, must stand behind our military personnel in their efforts to protect and preserve years of Americanism and pride in our nation

 The men and women of our military love America and believe in our democratic system.  They selflessly give of themselves, often leaving their families at home as they are deployed to other countries to protect and preserve America.  They often do this with great risk to their safety.  

 Protecting the U.S. from the outside brings with it the threat of terrorism.  Our military men and women lay their lives on the line to give their fellow Americans a continued right to live with the freedom to be our country, as given to us in the Declaration of Independence.  The military also protects the US from the inside, fighting to prevent terrorist attacks on American soil.

Most of us think very little of the U.S. military and their role in protecting us and our freedoms.  While we feel a sense of honor for these men and women, we seldom think of them except on military holidays or special ceremonies.  Few are aware that these brave, dedicated individuals protect and preserve all American rights, day in and day out.   In all instances, when the American soldier is called upon to defend and protect the rights and lives of Americans, our soldiers have responded bravely.  Many times the sacrifice means leaving their home and family behind.  These men and women respond to their call of duty in order to assure the preservation of American freedom.

Service to our country is so importantThe men and women in our military sacrifice so much for our country, and they deserve our utmost respect. Yetas Americans, we sometimes think service stops there.  We can all give back to our country by serving in some capacity.  By exercising my right to vote, I will take my position of responsibility within the US democratic system.

 I can also serve my country by responding during times of disaster.  For example, after the floods in the southern part of the United States in 2016, I went to help with the clean-up and restoration.  My group and I moved ruined furniture, food, and even electronics.  As an American, it is our responsibility to help others in times of need.  We should respond whenever the people in our country need it most.

We have many responsibilities as Americans.  The question that many Americans should ask is, “Do I fulfill my responsibility to America to the best of my ability?”  If everyone did this, our country would be a much better place.   God Bless America!