Depuy Hip implant lawsuit How Do I Know if I Have a Case

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 If you have had a hip implant since 1993 you will want to know if you have a case or claim against Depuy - Johnson and Johnson for a defective hip implant.

Here is a list of 5 things to consider to determine if you have a case against depuy for a defective hip implant device.

 One of the responsibilities of an Depuy  ASR hip implant lawyer is to ensure everyone, clients and non-clients, are informed before they file a DePuy hip implant lawsuit.  Here is a list of 5 questions   that you need to consider before you decide what to do next.

1. How will I know if my DePuy hip implant is included in the recall?
If you do not recall the name of the device, you need to contact your physician or the local hospital where you had the procedure performed.  They will have records that can identify the device that was implanted the day of your surgery.  DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System or the ASR XL Acetabular System is the terms you are looking for.
 2. If you know you received one of the defective ARS DePuy hip implants, but you aren't having side effects, what should I do.

It's possible that your implant may not be giving you problems at the moment.  However, due to the Depuy's  "metal on metal"construction of the implant, the device has been shown to have shards of metallic debris over an extended period of time go into your blood stream. Some patients have a higher than normal level of cobalt and chromium ions in their blood. Never assume that your implant is never going to present problems to you at a later date.  It's ALWAYS a good idea to have any potential claim investigated and all side-effects investigated by your doctor, no matter how small they may seem.

3. What are some of the  the symptoms I should be looking for to know if my DePuy ARS implant is failing?You can not make a list of  all inconclusive symptoms; however, here are some of the more immediate issues possibly related to the defective ARS hip replacement devices. They include pain in the are where the implant was inserted, swelling, infection, loss of mobility, a popping noise, loosening of the implant cup, dislocations, bone fractures, etc.    

4. NEVER contact Depuy Orthopedics before contacting a qualified lawyer that is handling the DePuy lawsuit.The reason for this is that although Depuy says things on its web site about paying some expenses, DePuy has known about this problem for quite some time but failed to warn patients or issue a timely recall.  What would give you reason to believe they are willing to do the right thing now?  However, if you have already contacted them, I would suggest you  immediately stop all conversations and contact a lawyer handling DePuy lawsuits. 

5. How is a lawyer that is handling the DePuy defective hip lawsuits going to help me? There are a number  very important things that a qualified products liability lawyer can do for you: 

a.) If  a Cincinnati lawyer determines that you have a potential claim, they can make sure that your claim is protected. There is a time limit in which you have to file a potential claim, and if you miss that deadline, you are forever barred from making a recovery, no matter the severity of your damages.

b.) If a lawyer determines that you have a potential hip injury claim, they can advise you how to proceed and work with you and your doctor to make sure you get the medical care you need and fight to get you the compensation you deserve so that you receive the highest compensation possible for your damages as well as pain and suffering.

c) The lawyer you consult should know the top lawyers in this area and potentially work with the top lawyers handling these Depuy hip implant cases.

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