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As a Cincinnati personal injury attorney I know how important it is to include factual information about the nature and extent of my client's injuries and that is why a life expectancy calculator is important. 

The impotance  of the life expectancy calculator comes from the fact that, if you have so many years to live with a permanent injury, the calculator provides an objective way of showing how long you will live with your injuries.The more time you have to live and deal with your injuries, the more compensation you should be entilted to.

Of course these calculations do not take into consideration if you have an illness that will shorten your life. If your life was shortened because of your injury , you can still use the calculator to show how much of your good life will be lost. Again, another item ot damages . 

Many car accident attorneys use a per diem approach. How much pain and suffering you will have each day. Then they assign a $ number to that time. Let's say you argue for $50 a day. If you have 10 years left that gives you 3650 days At $50 a day That comes out to $182,500

 I consider my clients have been given a new job when someone negligently injures them. . That job is to live with pain and disability for the rest of their life. So they should get money for every second their life has been altered.

Car accident injury victims as well as all other personal injur victims can click here for the life expectancy calculator published by social security. Just put in your date of birth and gender and it will give you the years you have left. This way when the insurance adjuster asks how you came up with the number, you can point them to the life expectancy calculator put out by SSA.

Cincinnati breaks down life expectancy by location in the city as well as other factors.(!

(!) Cincinnati life expectancycalculator

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