Risk of PTSD in Children After a Dog Bite Injury

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Dog Bite Injury Lawyer​Dog attacks can cause severe physical pain and disfigurement. If your child is attacked by a dog, the dog bite can leave more than physical scars. One in ten children who have suffered moderate dog bites develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and one in four children who have suffered a severe dog bite attack develop PTSD.

With the onset of PTSD, your child may begin to exhibit abnormal behaviors or behaviors that are out of character for them, such as:

  • Fearing the dark
  • Fearing being left alone
  • Refusing to leave the house alone
  • Withdrawing from interactions with friends and family
  • Acting aggressively toward others
  • Losing interest in playing games or other activities they once enjoyed

If your child begins to exhibit symptoms such as these after a dog bite attack, you should seek professional help. Therapy may help your child recover from the trauma of their attack.

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