Cincinnati Golf Cart and Course Accidents and Injuries

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Ever been golfing and the golf cart rolled backwards after you hit the gas to go forward. That is one way golf cart accidents are happening. This may be a maintenance issue. People have been seriously injured as a result of golf carts. From falls, to rollovers to battery explosions golf course and golf cart injuries are exploding. Of course, some injuries are because of in attention or poor judgement. Others may be considered the golf course's or golf cart manufacturer's fault because of a failure to warn or a variety of other reasons. One scenario is hitting the brakes while going down a wet slope. This can cause the golf cart to tip and the passengers to be thrown out and potentially crushed by the cart falling on them. Some golf course paths are so narrow and winding with vegetation blocking the view that people end up driving off the cart path into a serious injury. If it is driver error that causes a passenger to be injured, homeowner's insurance should be available as a source of recovery from the negligent driver.   The American Journal of Preventive Medicine,  reports that injuries from being hit by or falling off of golf carts surged 132 percent from 1990 to 2006. Nearly 150,000 people, ranging in age from 2 months to 96 years, were hurt in golf cart accidents during that time. One reason, according to the Journal, may be that golf carts have become much faster and more powerful. Reaching speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and traveling as far as 40 miles on a single charge, golf carts now offer quick travel in a variety of venues. Investigative technologies inc is a contact I have of professional engineers that do accident reconstruction on golf cart accidents. I recently spoke with them about what scenarios they were investigating. One of the common themes is an excessive roll back propensity. These cases are totaly different than getting hit by a golf ball on a golf course. It is commonly thought that there can be no recovery because of a legal principle known as assumption of risk. However, there may be exceptional circumstamces such as defective screening or other issues that are risks golfers do not assume. I am probably one of the few attorneys in Cincinnati that actually tried to verdict a case where a lady was hit by a golf ball with the allegation being that the golf course was negligent for failure to keep the protective screen in repair.   Most of these cases are very difficult in terms of liability , so the injuries must be significant. Unfortunately cases of wrongful death have been reported from golf course and golf cart accidents. Anthony Castelli Attorney 621-2345 Call for a Free consultation Cincinnati, Ohio satellite office in West Chester, Ohio For other articles on personal injury check out my Cincinnati personal Injury and Accident Attorney Blog