Cincinnati Attorney Calls For Ban on Pit Bulls - Dog Bites & Death

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As I personal injury lawyer I have handled many dog bit injuries. All dogs can be dangerous, but Pit bulls are more likely to maim or kill than most other dogs. It is time to ban pit bulls from being owned or sold or bred in the state of Ohio .

Pit Bull Background

The pit bull story goes back to something called bull baiting. In England a bull was tethered to a pole and dogs were bred to bite the bull's nose and/or put the bull down until it could not move. At one time this was England's national pasttime.These dogs bread to do this bidding and biting were called "bull dogs." Source  These dogs where bred to have great jaw strength. When bull baiting was banned they stated ratting . A dog was sent in to kill as many rats as it could in a fixed time. The bull dog was mixed with the terrier to give speed to the strength

What Breeds Are Pit Bulls

Pit bulls include American pit bull terrier,  American Saffordshire terrier, and any mixed breed. The dogs can weigh for 30 to 100 pounds. Those that fight dogs consider the pit bull terrier to be the ultimate fighting machine.What is unique about the pit bull is its hold and shake bite style. it clamps on and won't let go. (Pit Bull Case Report and Literature Review, by Steven F. Vegas, MD, Jason H. Calhoun, MD, M. Eng., John 
Mader, MD, Texas Medicine, Vol. 84, November 1988.)

Cincinnati Pit Bull Dog Attack

Zainabou Drama was mauled by a pair of pit bulls in Cincinnati, Ohio in June of 2014. The pit bulls attached to her face and dragged her until she was motionless and her tongue severed. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer police shot the dogs while the little girl lay motionless. Needless to say this child will be scarred for life.

Renowned Surgeon David Billmire Calls For Ban

Dr Billmire on the staff at Children's and Shriner's hospitals in Cincinnati says the attacks are breed specific. He recalls 25 years ago dog bites changed from "warning" bites to flesh tearing mauling with primarily unprovoked pit bulls doing the dirty work. This doctor sadly tried but was unable to save a child that bled to death from a kill shot to the throat by a pit pull. ( Reported by Cincinnati Enquirer)  

How many mauled children do we have to see before we realize the stupidity in letting these dogs walk the face of the earth causing death and maiming.. Do it now Ohio legislature: Ban Pit Bulls