Car Accident Disc Back Injury Settlement II

West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

Car Accident Disk Back Injury Part 11 This is part 2 in the Car Accident Disc Back Injury Settlement - What is it worth series.

This series is designed to teach you about the factors that go into and how to evaluate and get a fair insurance settlement for your disk back injury caused by the fault of another.

What Ohio Law Allows For Damages.

In order to determine the money compensation you deserve you need to know what Ohio law allows you to be compensated for. In some cases your injury could cause you to have all of these damages.

Here is the list of damages avaiable:

1. Past lost wages This is fairly straightforward. If you are an employee how many days did you miss from work and how much gross pay you would have made each day. You need your doctor to verify you could not do your job and your employer needs to verify in writing the amount you lost.

2 Past medical expense reasonably necessary for your treatment

3. Past pain and suffering

4. Past loss of enjoyment of life. Are you unable to do basic living activities such as standing for extended periods and/or has this caused you to stop or lessen things you like to do such as gardening, golf, sports, liesure activities.

5. Any disfigurement of your body.

6. Impairment of earning capacity Because of your injury did you have to take another job where you got less pay. Or if you have a permanent impairment what is the impact of that on your ability to earn money.

7. You are entitled to all of these damages if they will probably exist in the future for some period of time or are permanenet. In other words you can recover your past items and anything that is reasonably likely to exist in the future.

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