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January 11, 2018
We like to think of personal injury attorney in Cincinnati = Law office of Anthony D Castelli. That is because Anthony Castelli has been successfully Read More
October 17, 2017
Cell phone data can be the critical piece of evidence in a car collision that helps prove who was at fault.  As a personal injury attorney in Read More
August 20, 2017
How To Find The Best Accident Attorney for my Injury Claim Settlement? Finding the best accident lawyer for you bodiliy harm settlement requires Read More
August 4, 2017
How much is the average amount for a neck injury claim is an amount that varies by the nature and extent of the injury. The answer to how much an Read More
July 24, 2017
Dog bite injury law in Ohio has evolved through attorney and legislative support. Now there are two separate causes of action for injuries caused by Read More
July 6, 2017
On-the-job injuries affect not only your ability to work, but also quality of life for you and your family. When you are sidelined from work because Read More
June 30, 2017
Head injuries in car accidents can range from mild to severe and can result in serious life-long disabilities or even death. The major types of head Read More
June 23, 2017
Social media has led to personal injury claims, so too has social media ruined those claims. Social-media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) now Read More
June 14, 2017
Social media is everywhere in our lives today. If you don’t have a Snapchat account, you likely have a Facebook page or a Pinterest obsession. Read More
June 11, 2017
Dispute resolution in the setting of personal injury mediation does not always reach resolution. Mediations fail to resolve the dispute in a bodily Read More