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This is the fourth and final article in a series on child injury focusing on dangerous toys. The first three articles talked about the primary injury hazards and toys on the market currently that are dangerous.

The four primary hazards discussed from child toys were : Choking, Strangulation, Loud noises , and Toxins. At my web site Anthony Castelli Attorney accident and personal injury lawyer I provide a resource  My Child Injury Safety Resource page for you to check on the common and not so common hazards that our children face. A great resource I draw from is SafeKids. You can go to my Resource page and get information about the following:

Bicycling and Skating -

Car Seats, Boosters and Seat Belts, -  

Choking, Suffocation and Strangling Drowning,Water, Pool Safety -

Falls -

Fires, Burns -

Around Cars -

Playgrounds -



There are many more hazards to children than just toys,  but this series has emphasized dangers to your child from toys. For example draw stings in upper wear can be a stangulation hazard. Especially for children under 12. The CPSC considers draw stings at the neck to be defective for children and subject to recall. So don't just limit your concern to toys.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Child


  • 1. Examine toys carefully for all potential dangers. Remember the CPSC does not test all toys.
     2. Do not let your child play with magnets. If swallowed they can cause serious injury. 
    3. Do not purchase clothes with drawstrings at the neck. 
    4. Do not buy metal or plastic toys if your child will  put their mouth on them.
     5 Take this downloadable Toy Safety Tips Brochure. 
    It's critically important that parents take a proactive approach to the toys you buy for your children. Educate yourself so you have a better idea of what product is potentially unreasonably dangerous to your child. Here is a great child injury resource to check on what products have been recalled. This Toy and Product Recall Finder is an excellant tool. You put in the name of  the toy and it tells you if it was recalled, describes the hazard and tells you exactly what to do. 
    If you have a child injury contact Cincinnati Child Injury Lawyer Anthony Castelli at 621-2345 for a  free consultation. 
    PS Also remember balloons and marbles though fun in the hands of a small child are a choking hazard. And wouldn't you be surprised to know that even some Thomas the tank cars were recalled because of lead paint. I was.