Cincinnati Accident Attorney Reports on Motorcycle Open House

West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

  Harley Davidson of Cincinnati held its open house last Saturday. It was great to see the mix of people enjoying the motorcycles , the booths and vendors and the Dallas Moore band.  They had food on the grill and a tented area where you could sit and relax , eat and enjoy the music.

  There was everything form space age energy bracelets to decked out mortorcycle caskets.  I do have do say that was a bit unusual.  Every time I go to a motorcyle biker event I'm blown away by the friendliness of the people and the camaraderie that exists in the biker community.  Surprisingly the only thing I did not see was a tatoo booth.  Of course tatoos have now gone mainstream  though I'm not ready to take the plunge.

 Powder Keg  Harley Davidson Motorcycle has  its bike nights throughout the summer on Friday nights. This Friday I plan to run up there to enjoy the evening and see what their bike nights are all about.  Sure its great to hop on my Harley Lowrider and enjoy the ride. That's what its all about. But the added benefit of the comraderie and social activities and charity runs of the motorcycle community make motorcycling all the more fun.

So far this year my wife and I have been to the bikers ball, The Iron Samaritan's biker blessing, the Clermont county Motorcycle accident  safety event and the Harley Davidson open house. I usually take some Watch for Motorcycles bumper stickers with me  as motorcycle safety awareness for bikers as well as car owners continue to be a focus for me.  I offer them free to anyone willing to display it. If you would like one just give me a shout.   Right now I represent five motorcycle riders for significant motorcycle injury. These accidents were all the fault of car drivers. So its important that we raise the cager's awareness.

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