Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer on Car Accident Crash Reconstructions

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As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I have many clients who have been involved in car accidents. Sometimes responsibility for the car crash is clear cut. Other times there can be a big dispute about who was at fault.

Eyewitness testimony is often critical, but is also suspect. Things  happens so fast the people's impressions are skewed. Upon closer questioning their opinion as to the speed of vehicles falls apart. There are a few questions you can ask a witness that can diminish if not destroy their estimate.  Or if the issue is not speed, but the way the impact occurred, witness statements can also be significant as well as mistaken.

Last Saturday various sources reported on a two car collision that resulted in the death of Nona Wyche. The accident happened at I-75 northbound. Police stated that two cars collided as they both tried to change lanes at the same time. The car driven by Hicks ended up striking a light pole after the collision and overturned. Nona Wyche was one of three passengers in this vehicle. There was one passenger in the other car driven by Jeff Jackson. The investigation continues and the police are asking for witnesses to come forward.

There was mention of Nona Wyche being in the back seat and unbelted. That really has no legal significance unless you were a front seat passenger. But with 5 people alive to tell their stories I imagine there will be some conflict. Certainly the police put their top accident reconstructionists on the case. Unfortunately I'd bet none of them have any engineering experience.

The police get their training on the job and go to seminars. This pales in comparison to the knowledge a mechanical engineer has. Not may cops really know the science behind what they do.  And I have seen the work of even the highest in the Highway patrol out of Columbus be totally off the mark .

It's critical in these cases to get the electronic data recorder EDR from the vehicle. Even the GPS  can provide data. But ultimately it's adviseable for the injured party to get the best accident reconstructionist on the case as soon as possible. You must be careful who you pick , since some are much more competent than others.

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