Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Rates Accident Injury Insurance Companies

West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Rates Accident Injury Insurance Companies

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer for over 30 years you get to know the accident injury liability insurances companies. Some just want to play hard ball and force you to push the case to the Court house steps , if not a trial, in order to get fair personal injury compensation for my injured client.

These insurance coompanies think that a large segment of attorneys won't event take cases against them because it's just too hard. After all many lawyers consider themselves peronal injury lawyers that may never have tried a case to a jury. These lawyers collect police reports in car accident cases, have the client do the work and then try to get the client to take a lowball offer. So insurance companies know that if these kinds of lawyers take your case it will not get very far. And they will not have to pay very much.

The big name that everyone brings up is Allstate. In fact they do not have an adjusting office in the Cincinnati area. Their tactics have been well known for years. I have tried my fair share of cases againt Allstate. So they should know who I am and that I'm willing when necessary to take the case to trial.

Just because you are up against Allstate does not mean you will not get fair compensation in the end . Here is a video I did about a personnal injury car accident case I tried against Allstate. Their tactics ended up costing them much more than even the auto liability coverage they had. A whole lot more. Allstate policy of $25,000 turned into $100,000 by Cincinnati personal injury lawyer.

I'm happy to tell you if I think the car insurance company you are faced with is someone that is a bit more reasonable than Allstate. But this does still not mean they will not require significant proof of your injury.  I would also be glad to discuss your Cincinnati personal injury claim agianst Allstate.

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