Common Sense Tips to Avoid Serious Injury in a Car Accident

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We don't always think of the potential consequences when we get into our cars and trucks to head out to work, your child's concert, or the family vacation. However, there are severe issues that can arise when we are least expecting it. Making sure that you take some basic measures to avoid accidents and injury can be a life or death decision for you and your loved ones. There are often many things that are overlooked regarding car safety. The factors listed below can help make your commute a safer one: 

Make sure brakes and tires are properly functioning. The most basic maintenance can prevent many of the country's accidents. Making sure that tires are properly inflated and treaded can make a major difference when needing to stop quickly. Furthermore, making sure that pads and rotors are functioning properly can be the difference between an accident and no incident. 

Keep your insurance up to date. Make sure that your insurance policy is always current. Having a policy that will properly handle collision and personal injury will severely reduce your risk exposure. Many states require the keeping of car insurance at all times. 

Take advantage of driver's ed. It goes so much deeper than your teenage years. A driver's ed course and defensive driving course can make a major difference in how you act on the road. The difference between offensive and defensive driving is often the make or break of an accident and its severity. As an added bonus, these courses will lower your insurance cost! 

Avoid distractions. There are many factors that can cause accidents and among the top are distraction. Noisy passengers, fiddling with the radio, and cell phone use can all significantly spike the chances of a crash. Turn off your phone and keep it out of reach while you're driving. Keep firm control of your mind while driving and you and your passengers will be safer for it. 

Avoid alcohol and drugs. This one should be a no brainer but unfortunately many people think that it doesn't apply to them. Many people drive after a few drinks because they think they can handle the vehicle. Furthermore, others drive after taking prescription drugs because they think that a doctor's script will make it okay. Impaired driving is a leading cause of crashes. 

Keep safety equipment in mind. If you're in the market for a car, make sure that you keep safety features and ratings in mind. The extra features, including safer crumple zones, additional airbags, and others can be the difference between life and death. Furthermore, basic features including seat belts should always be worn in order to avoid severe injury. By taking these precautions you may be able to completely avoid a serious injury. If you have any questions about other ways to do so or if you have been involved in a crash, a legal expert will be able to assist.

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