Get the Secret Item of Fair Compensation For Car Accident Damage

West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

If your car was damaged in a car accident by the fault of another you need to know about this item of damage so you get full compensation. This little known secret item of damage to your car is called diminution in value. This is what it is . Its the decrease in value to your car because it was in an accident. Even though your car may be repaired to you satisfaction, you are still entitled to more money from the insurance company if you will not be able to sell your car for a fair amount because it was in a car crash . The leading case in Ohio is Rakich v. Anthem Blue Cross . So if you want to know how you are going to get fair value for the damage to your car from a car accident tell the insurance company you also want dimuniation in value. This works best with a fairly new car and damages of at least $4000. The best way to prove this is to ask your dealer to write a letter stating they would pay you less because for the car was in an accident. by Cincinnnati car accident lawyer Anthony Castelli . Call to get your questions answered 1-800-447-6549