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  1. If you are looking for a Cincinnati  car accident lawyer you could google best cincinnati car accident lawyer and you will find several different types of lawyer listings. The first three listing that came up the day I did this were paid adds. That means the lawyer paid someone to place them.

    The next listed were organic listings. And then there were more paid adds. The organic were chosen by Google as the most relevant to the search. Does coming up on page 1 in google organic search mean they are the best Cincinnati personal injury lawyers?  Not necessarily and ethically no lawyer should hold themselves out as the best unless they can prove it. So they probably did not refer to  themselves as best. Well then is it meaningful in any way? I would argue yes. If you are saying to yourself, I was hurt in a car wreck and need the  help of a lawyer then at least you have a start.
    Now you can go to each lawyer listed and find out what they have to say on their web site. If I want to hire a personal injury attorney and more particularly a car accident lawyer I want to know the following:
    1. Do they have experience with cases similar to mine. Some lawyers list case results with the disclaimer that every case is as different as a snow flake
    2. Does the lawyer tell you how many years of experience they have?
    3 Do the attorney provide videos that help you learn about your rights as well as learn about the attorney
    4. Does the lawyer tell you what their peer review ratings are. Companies such as Martindale Hubbel , AVVO and Super Lawyers rate or list the lawyers. This gives you some idea of what independent groups and the lawyer's peers think of them.
    5 Does the attorney provide testimonials from their clients. It's always nice to know what some other clients think of the attorney
    6. Does the lawyer talk about his staff. A lawyer must have a dedicated staff. An experience nurse case manager like I have is a plus in my opinion.
    7.D oes the lawyer tell you that they will be the one to handle the case or will they pawn you off to someone else.
    8 Has the lawyer written any authoritative books or articles on the law of personal injury.
    9. Does the web site provide you with any guidance and educational materials that can help you protect your rights
    10. Does the lawyer explain how they get paid.
    11. does the lawyer tell you about expenses of litigation and whether they are willing to advance them
    12. Has the lawyer handled at least 10 personal injury jury trials.
    These are some of the things you want to find out so you make the best (there's that word) choice possible for your case and your circumstances. Cincinnati has some very good personal injury lawyers. Some of them might be listed  on this first page of Google but not necessarilly and not  all of them .
    Sure if you have a serious case I hope you choose me . I would be happy to talk with you for a free no obligation case evaluation. But maybe I'm not the attorney for you. Boy was that hard to say.  Maybe you are more comfortable with a big downtown law firm. Maybe you want someone 2 minutes from your house. At least now you have a sense of where to look and what to look for.
    Know this. If you have a serious injury, the insurance company is not out to be your friend and pay you as much as possible . There own documents say that you are likely to get a higher settlement with an experienced personal injury lawyer. So do the right thing. The time is now. Find a lawyer that believes in you and has the tools and the heart to stand up for you to help you get justice and full money damages.

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