How Much Is The Average Settlement Amount for a Neck Injury Claim

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How much is the average amount for a neck injury claim is an amount that varies by the nature and extent of the injury. The answer to how much an injury accident victim can recover in settlement depends on many factors. These include the amount of medical bills and lost wages. the severity of the injury, the activites that were affected, the pain that was endured and the length of injury and whether it is permanent. As a general rule the more severe the neck injury the higher the compensation.

Four Critical Factors that Influence Higher Settlements

Apart from the nature and extent of the injury, there are four critical factors that can affect the award of compensation in an insurance settlement:

  1. Is the negligence of the offender 100%.
  2. How much insurance coverage is available
  3. Is the defendant a "target: such as a large corporation.
  4. The ability of the personal injury attorney

Why These 4 Factors are Critical To Higher Neck injury Claim Payments.

These four factors play a huge role in the money damages awarded. If liability is not disputed then the injury victim can be assurred that whatever evaluation is made full damages will be awarded. If there is a risk of loosing or only partial fault on the negligent party then the value will be decreasd.

If there is little insurance coverage ( in Ohio the minimum liability limit is $25,000.00 per person ) you normally will be only able to collect that much.So if there is a large policy of liability insurance at least you wil be able to collect full damages.

If the defendant is an individual, many are sympathetic to someone who was just minimally negligent. If the case goes to a jury, the fact of insurance is not allowed to be entered in evidence. So jurors don't want to bankrupt a person. And since insurance is not mentioned, the jury will not know there is a source of compensation that will not affect the wrongful party. But if the defendant is a corporation then consideration of large verdict amounts will not be affected by sympathy.

The skill of the personal injury attorney in conveying the loss to the man or woman injured and how this bodily injury has affected their life to the insurance company or the jury is critical. Gathering emotion and compassion for the injury victim and linking this to money is a skill and an art. The lawyer has ithe skill and charisma or they do not. Just view a few videos on any bodily harm counselor's web site and you will see who you connect with. If you connect with the bodily harm lawyer, then likely so will a jury or an insurance adjustor.

Analysis of Cervical Strain Whiplash vs Neck Fusion Surgery

Many people suffer flexion extension injuries otherwise known as whiplash. There is a streching and tearing of the muscles. This is called a sprain or strain. These injuries often heal up in six to twelve weeks. Although, some can last longer and even be permanent. Depending on the strenghth of the evidence, including medical documentation, these cases can range generally from $5000 - $50,000.

Another neck injury may be a herniated disc with instability in the neck. This may call for a surgical procedure called a neck fusion. This is a link to a neck fusion.. You can see it is a very invasive surgery. Depending on the affect on gainful employment, the success or failure to alleviate pain and all the other factors discussed, the award here could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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