How to Get Good Medical Care For Your Auto Injury With No Medical Insurance

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As a injury attorney in Cincinnati for over 30 years I have many clients without medical insurance. Their concerns are paying their medical bills and getting adequate medical care for their auto injury. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, almost 50 million Americans are without health insurance.

Sadly I've had people call me too late for me to be able to help them with their personal injury claim. They may have gone to the emergency room right after their car accident injury but failed to call any injury lawyers for advice.  Now six months later they are still in pain , but received no further medical care. Given a six month gap in treatment, it is virtually impossible to get a fair injury settlement.

I have a R.N  nurse case manager on staff that does her best to keep up to date on where you can go to get medical care if you have no insurance. The local hospitals by law, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, are required to provide emergency medical care to whom ever needs it. Therefore, we first advise going to your local emergency room, especially right after your personal injury. Ask them to refer you to their hospital clinic. These clinics will treat you on a sliding scale based on your income. They also have people on staff trained to help you get medicaid.

In Hamilton County you can apply at the Ohio Jobs and Family Services for medicaid. If you can get on medicaid you will be able to see most doctors especially orthopedics specialists. These are the main doctors that treat trauma.

You can also try the local health care clinics. These places can provide you treatment on a sliding scale. Some medical doctors will treat you on a lien basis. This means that you have your injury attorney, with your permission, agree to pay the doctor out of settlement. Most chiropracters will do this, but if you have a serious orthopedic injury,  not only your health but your injury settlement may not be well served by seeing a chiropractor. ( I go to a chiropacter myself for back problems . He usually fixes me up in one visit and does not treat car accident victims.) We can provide you with a list of health care clinics that may be able to help.

One myth is that attorneys have doctors in their pocket they can refer you to. This is not always helpful and the fact is the medical providers they refer you to are often chiropracters.  However, as an injury attorney with years of experience, there are medical providers I know that will treat you for you injury without requiring medical insurance. By finding a medical provider, you have a chance to recover from your injury and get a reasonable pain and suffering injury settlement.

Anthony Castelli Attorney welcomes your call for help to get the care you need and the compensation you deserve.

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