Meeting My Attorney Coach for Client Succes

West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

 Today I met with my new business coach  Dustin Cole. For this blog I'm going to call him my attorney business coach for client success.  He flew in from Florida to meet with me to evaluate by business. He started by giving me a new definition of what I am. I'm not a personal injury attorney. I'm a financial fixer for my personal injury clients.

 Dustin explained that my clients come to me with an injury that has affected their life in many ways , not the least of which is financially. What I have to offer is my compassionate understanding of their plight and an opportunity to  fix or make them whole financially. I knew this , but the expression of it by Dustin was instructive.

Although money will never really make my clients whole, it can help them move back towards where their life was before they were injured. There's something about justice that helps the total body healing process. The  big worrry of many of my clients, " How am I going to get by, What is lfe going to be like"  is softened by  their compassionate warrior. After all it's no more an eye for an eye. It's financial justice that I have to offer.

Here's a link to an article that Dustin wrote on four steps to building great client relationships. Most of it is very helpful and applicable to me. One aspect is not , the discussion about billing. That's because I don't bill my injury clients hourly. My fee is bases on getting results, and comes from the recovery of money for them.  But there's much information in the article to help me   develop the best relationship possible with my clients.

One thing is letting clients know what I am doing. Sometimes I'm so busy and focused on preparing their case I don't commmunicate this to my client. And I can't expect my client to know all the work I am doing. So even if there's a great result some clients just don't understand it. So communicating to them on a regular basis what's going on with their case- your case if you are my client is something I'm going to recommit to . And even if I was good at it, I can be even better.

 I first met Dustin through his web site, just as many of my clients first meet me through my web site. You can get a good sense of someone through their  well done web site , but the proof is in the pudding. I found Dustin to be refreshing, knowledgable, charismatic without being egotistical. I'm excited for the journey Iand my staff are starting with Dustin to become a better steward of my business, my clients, and myself.

 Just to let you know he thought I had a Dynamite Staff. And just so you know , me, my staff and you  = Family.