Memorial Day Means Getting Veterans the Benefits they Deserve

West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

Memorial day is just not for remembering the fallen soldier. Lets remember the living veterans that are fighting the veterans administration for their veterans disability benefits.

Veterans fought for our rights. now its time we fight for theirs. the delays in the system are monumental.
The whimsy of the system is also well known.

At least now veterans have the choice of hiring an attorney certified by the veterans administration. But why would they do that you or a veteran may ask. Here's what a decorated veteran and veterans disability lawyer, David Huffman had to say about that.

For decades these organizations assisted Veterans with their claims. They’re known as Service Officers or Service Representatives. The Service Officers or Service Representatives assist Veterans for free or they’re paid a salary by the organization through membership dues, donations, fundraising activities, and grants. Also, many states throughout the country pay state representatives to assist with their Veterans Affairs claims. The Veterans organizations’ history of assisting Veterans with their claims is mixed. Some Service Officers or Representatives have a history of doing a decent job; other times, Veterans get what they pay for. Attorneys for years were prevented from being part of the process.

Sadly, for decades, there have been horror stories about Veterans being wrongfully judged by a Service Officer or Representative for filing a claim and told not to file a claim, told to file one claim at a time; don’t get the VA mad; and don’t appeal. Numerous issues at times have been missed or delayed even though the date of the filing of the claim is crucial. Their Representatives are at various skill levels. A Veteran may have a Service Officer that is trained and has skills; or he may have a Service Officer or Representative that does not have reading and writing skills and does not properly know how to appeal a claim. Some Service Officers or Representatives seem to care; some seem to have an attitude; be prepared for a hearing or just take five minutes to prepare. Most Service Officers or Representatives do not send away for medical records themselves or draft medical opinions. They expect the VA to do it. Some understand Veterans’ law and are capable of doing a legal brief; others aren’t. There’s a great differential between the job one Service Officer or Representative does compared to another. In most cases, Veterans Service Officers or Representatives are not able to bring a claim to the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims and an attorney is needed at that point.

The mixed review of quality should cause a Veteran to think: unless I’m sure of the quality of my Service Officer or Representative, am I getting what I paid for? At least in the present, with attorneys entering the field of Veterans’ law for a fee, a Veteran does have a choice. A Veteran can choose the traditional free representation or he can have the representation of an attorney who does have attorney skills. Now having a choice is a win-win situation for Veterans.

Call today if you would like the help of Anthony Castelli a Cincinnati attorney certified by the Veterans Administration for disabilty benefit help. 1-800-447-6549