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Mild traumatic brain injury is a real misnomer. The term mild is terribly misleading. There can be severe and significant symptoms when the doctor diagnoses a mild traumatic brain injury.

When you here these words there is an immediate assumption that the injury is not serious. You can bet that the insurance company will say to you it's only mild so it's not that big a deal. But that's where medicine and insurance companies part ways. The medical definition and the meaning doctors such as neurosurgeons and neuropsychologists attribute to the term mild traumatic brain injury is significant.

Mild only means that the injury is not life threatening and does not require immediate action on their part such as a surgical procedure to relieve the swelling and attendant pressure on the brain. So what is mild traumatic brain injury. It is an injury to the brain caused by blunt trauma or acceleration deceleration. Or as the military is finding out, the concusive force of blasts sending waves through the brain can cause tramatic brain injury. It is important to know that a direct blow to the head is not required for the injury to occur. That is why these injuries often go undiagnosed in a car accident

The following symptoms may be present in a mild traumatic brain injury:

Signs of neurological disorder such as seizures , dizziness and headache. Also loss of memory is significant, as
is disorientation, confusion, inability to recall , feelings of being "out of it" . There can also be symptoms of anxiety and depression. Some times this injury overlaps with post traumatic stress disorder. The brain has experienced trauma , an insult from the outside separate from disease.

The brain is a soft jelly like substance . It can come in contact with the skull causing injury even without a direct blow. Sport injury is another common cause as well as motorcycle accidents with or without helmets. It is important to get the proper care for this injury. Another injury to the brain while the brain is recovering can cause
a death. If the death is the result of negligence this can be termed a wrongful death

Concussion can be another name for mild traumatic brain injury. Concussions are often graded as 1, grade 2 or grade 3. The Cat scan or Mri may be negative , but there can still be serious symptoms. I have represented people injured in car accidents that have had severe headaches persist for many years.

The brain injury association is a good source of information for mild traumatic brain injury.

An MTBI is often referred to as a concussion. Within the category of concussion there are three different grades (1-3). In a Grade 1 or 2 concussion a person remains conscious and in a Grade 3 concussion the person loses consciousness.

It is important to know that MTBIs can seriously affect a person's functioning. Although a person may "look fine" on the outside, the brain injury may cause changes in thinking and memory which impact daily life.

According to the Brain Injury Association of America there are multiple symptoms those suffering from a MTBI may experience. The recovery from mild traumatic brain injury can differ. Your doctor can guide you on the therapy you need . Do your own research to make sure you have a doctor that knows how to treat a mild traumatic brain injury.

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