Protecting Your Child From Sexual Abuse

West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer for 30 years I have  seen many child injury cases. The saddest I could think of are the death of a child. Unfortunately sexual abuse of a child can be the emotional death of a child. The recent Penn State issue tells us that many times the abuser  is someone that knows the child. In fact the statistics are that it is more likely to be someone the child knows that's an abuser.

Here Are Steps To Protect Your Child

1. Make sure that if your child participates in any activity involving an adult that at least two adults are present.

2. Make sure you ask the leaders of the programs your child participates in how they screen their workers.

3. Communicate with your child that they can talk to you about anything.

4. Begin sex education at an early age.

5. Let your child know that they should tell you about anything that makes them uncomfortable.

6. Tell your child they have the power to say no to unwanted conduct from an adult.

7. Show up at your child's activities

8. Report any suspicion of child abuse to the police.

9 . Make sure any institutions your child is involved with have programs in place so that they require two adults two always be present.

10. Keep in communication with your child when they are away from home.

By personal injury attorney Anthony Castelli Attorney