Should Road Side Crosses in Cincinnati Ohio Be Permitted

West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

Should roadside crosses memorializing the place on the highway where someone was killed in memory of their death in Ohio or other states be permitted. Or should these roadside crosses be illegal. You see these crosses on many highways but few if any on I-75, I-74 or I-71 or Interstate 275. These interstates are normally the jurisdiction of the Departments of transportation.

Some atheists even argue that they should be banned on constitutional grounds.  Many families of people killed in car accidents  seek to keep the memory of their loved one alive through the use of these crosses. The differing states have differing rules for whether these road side crosses denoting the spot of a fatal car accident are permissable and legal.

The United States Supreme Court back in October let stand a decision that banned these crosses particularly if they had a government insignia. In Utah when a state trooper dies on the highway, a private organization puts up a cross with the troopers name, date of death, badge number and the highway patrols logo.

The dissent by Clarence Thomas left open whether if there is no public symbol on the cross would they still be illegal. This decision again miscontrues the US Constition  regarding the separation of church and state. I say let people put up these crosses in memory of their loved ones killed on the roads and highways.


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