Tractor Trailer Train Collision Hamilton, Ohio

West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

As a personal injury lawyer I know that crossing a train track is always dangerous. Many railroad crossings in the state of Ohio are unguarded . Just today a semi driver was miraculously not seriously injured when his truck stalled on the train tracks.

The semi driver was  en route to West Chester and was hurt when his truck stalled on railroad tracks and his truck was hit by a slow-moving train.  The accident happened around 5 p.m. Thursday. There was another man with the semi truck driver who excited the truck and tried to wave down the train.

Police say the semi was eastbound on Maple Avenue and from State Route 127 and tried to cross the tracks.  The truck stalled, and the driver, 52-year-old Calvin Jennings, tried to back off the tracks.   He was ejected from the cab when the train hit, and landed near the front left tire.

Jennings was taken to Miami Valley Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

It is doubt full that there would be any responsibility on the part of the railroad.  Although one might argue their negligence if they had time to stop.There are railroad injury cases that are the fault of the railroad. Some crossings in Ohio should have gates and lights but do not.

It is critical to slowly approach a grade crossing, especially the ones without gates and lights and limited visibility. It's amazing how with the window up, the heater blowing and the radio on that the train whistle is just not all that of a warning.

by Cincinnati personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli attorney